‘Just’ Employment Support Services (J.E.S.S)

Not just HR but justice in HR

‘Just’ Employee Support Service wants to balance the scale for fairness and justice and to ensure that HR policies and practices uphold their original purpose – fairness, integrity, and transparency

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HR Team & Management

The primary purpose of the HR function is to enable and foster a healthy work environment that attracts, develops, values and inspires excellence in people (management and employees) to achieve their business objectives.

Trade Union & Organizational Culture

All activities should be ethical and applied with integrity, fairness and transparency thereby allowing the HR function to be trusted by management and staff.

Policy & Procedures

Common belief and reality for most employees are that HR is an organisational tool that defends the management position regardless of the legitimacy or probity of their position.

Society & Establishment

In practice, the application of people management policies is invariably tipped firmly in favour of management and of the “institution”. The prospect for any employee subject to management action or unfair treatment is daunting and bleak.

About Us

A group of experienced CIPD-qualified HR professionals, trainers and EDI specialists working in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. Our primary focus is to uphold ethical human resources practices and champion fair play and justice for all employees.

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J.E.S.S's depth of expertise and knowledge of HR practices is second to none! The professionalism, compassion and penmanship are world-class. They really care about people and help to ensure a fair and right outcome, very easy to talk to and have a solid grasp on the complexity and challenges of corporate policy, and employee and employer rights, it is refreshing to work with someone who understood how to navigate the very biased and unjustified ways employees can be treated, this level of expertise and guidance is essential if you find yourself being treated unfairly or suspect things are not quite right. Outstanding service.


J.E.S.S provided me (and my employment lawyer) with key support and advice that enabled a successful employment tribunal outcome. Their solid and in-depth knowledge of personnel practicalities and their focused and empathetic engagement provided the edge. All persons I referred have equally found J.E.S.S substantive and diligent and achieved the desired results.