Our Services

What services do you offer? What is the package? What exactly are they and what is the expected result?

‘Just Employment Support Services (J.E.S.S), is a support service for:

  • Individual employees who feel they are being disadvantaged by the unfair application of HR policies, procedures and management practices.
  • Employers who want to minimise the potential for inequalities and disparities in their people management practices by ensuring their HR professionals and managers are trained/orientated to consider their behaviours and to enhance their ability to be objective and apply sober reflection and introspection of how their own biases might inform their feelings, thoughts, and assessments about the management of employees.
J.E.S.S will support individual employees to understand, navigate and avoid the pitfalls of poor and/or discriminatory people management policies and practices.  We will help you to:
  • Understand your rights and responsibilities in the workplace
  • Help you to make HR policies and processes work for you
  • Ensure the organisation is held to account to apply HR policies fairly and transparently.
  • Impartial assessments of current or impending employee relations actions or processes
  • Tactical advice and support to avoid formal conflict management processes.
  • Guidance to negotiate and achieve positive conflict management resolution.
For Employers, we will provide:
  • Workshops, training, toolkits and resources to understand and tackle racist, sexist, homophobic, and other discriminatory behaviours and practices, including bias checkers and institutional issues.